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Today's Client

Informed. Tech-savvy. Mobile. Generations X and Y are the largest base of buyers and sellers today. By 2020, Millennials will make up at least half of the American workforce, and more than 90% plan to buy homes.  Your clients today and tomorrow have high expectations for your knowledge, transaction skills, business processes and communication style. To remain competitive, and grow a successful real estate business, align with the right brand, technology, marketing and broker.


Today's Agent

Client development, business sustainability and increased income are among the top factors when selecting a brand, culture and brokerage for both experienced and new agents. The future of your career requires a company with a strong foundation along with a vision for progress. You need a complete set of services including client-centric marketing, comprehensive technology, automated systems and an inspirational culture.pexels-kindel-media-7979445

Services We Offer

A modern style that connects, resonates and communicates what you do. Design and branding created with consumers at the core. Connect and resonate with your clients through a fresh culture, enticing design and meaningful brand.

Showcase lifestyle and community with passion, vision, quality, and design. Digital and print marketing working seamlessly together for consistency when marketing properties and prospecting.

Achieved through custom development and partnerships with creative products. Our technology, advertising, marketing, training, and integrated systems are all part of the package. We created a comprehensive platform and full set of services all in one place.

Success and growth rely upon an ability to adapt to trends. Life is on the move and real estate happens everywhere. Transact, market, and execute, your business anywhere, anytime.

Thrive in a collective environment focused on progressive real estate business. A highly innovative real estate franchise focused on the right growth, at the right time, with the right partners.

In the right places and spaces, with a meaningful message, utilizing design to connect you with current and future clients.

One hub to access a network of services, marketing, training, and business tools. Custom technology with a focus on mobility. Developed by people in the industry, leveraging the combination of our proprietary software and partnerships with innovative technology companies in real estate.

On-demand, web-based and live with a focus on the practical, new and creative. We all know…change is constant. Stay ahead of new technologies, consumer trends, transactional shifts and more through progressive products and training.

NextHome Products

We Focus on providing our agents with streamlined, progressive products and world class-marketing.

We strive to help you connect with today’s consumer, grow market share, increase income and implement systems for long-term success.

This video shares an inside look at the brand that will give you the edge to succeed.


GrayHouse_StripeAgentTextIconLuke_600_3-570x340Real estate signs are an integral part of marketing properties. They draw attention to the listing, offer information to buyers and invite people in to preview their next home. Signage that differentiates a home for sale and offers potential buyers instant access to property details and photos is important for the seller’s success, and to meeting the expectations of today’s clients.

At NextHome we re-imagined what a yard sign should look like in front of a home. How can the look, feel and quality of the brand draw attention and consumer interest? Our listing and open house signs were created with the same consumer-centric focus as the rest of our branding and marketing. The colors we use pop and draw attention. The shape, content, and layout offer a clean, professional look in the front of your client’s home.

Find example signs here >> 

Presentation Builder


Create Presentations
A system for creating listing presentations, buyer presentations, buyer tours, and property reports. Presentation Builder combines real-time MLS property and market analysis information with custom NextHome and agent created pages.  It is an all-in-one system for a comprehensive presentation, branded to the agent with different design options.

Use Custom Pages
Over 25 pages of custom presentation content are at your fingertips for complete, impressive and informative presentations to potential clients. These pages cover every area of marketing and services agents provide for all types of properties. In addition, we provide additional content templates that can be modified and added to your personal profile.

Present In Bound Books 
Clean, crisp, hardbound covers offer an elegant presentation for the customized information you created for each and every client. It takes only a few seconds to bind the customized information you created in these hardbound covers. It is the perfect way to showcase the level of quality and service our agents provide.

Social Media

Portfolio-SocialMedia-570x340It’s a part of our world and our work. We connect with people, communities, products and services through many social media channels. It has become a source of news, a source of ideas and a factor when exploring new products or services.

Real estate is a people and a marketing business. Agents today embrace, and utilize social media to expand their networks, build reputations and become a source of information. It is another medium where marketing and presentation must be consistent in your business. We provide ready-to-upload templates in a selection of designs for instant NextHome branding on all your social media profiles. Connect and impress more consumers in your sphere.

Mobile Connect

Portfolio-MobileConnect-570x340A mobile marketing program with a competitive advantage to get more listings from the competition and attract more buyer leads. Our NextHome Mobile Connect includes a special QR and text message code that can be hung on all listing signs, making it easy to market the property to more buyers anytime, day or night.

Every agent also receives a personal profile in the Mobile Connect system with a personalize text message and QR code for use on individual marketing materials as well as assisting buyers. Every buyer can save the personalized, mobile web app on their phones, to get instant listing information on any listing in the MLS. Plus, when they are interested in the property, the inquiry goes right to our NextHome agent.

Design Center

Portfolio-Design-Center-570x340An easy-to-use, MLS-integrated marketing platform for creating customized property and personal marketing in minutes.  Our system is customized to NextHome branding and offers hundreds of design options to choose from. Print and web marketing options are available, helping to create consistency and quality throughout your online and offline marketing.


Flyers, Cards, Slideshows, Brochures, Craiglslist Ads, E-Cards, Postcards, E-Newsletters, Property Cards, Virtual Tours, Property Websites and more…….

Branding Center



Consistent branding and marketing is essential for client recognition and to provide a quality presentation in every aspect of your business.  Our branding center is a one-stop hub to order all personal and office collateral in the modern, fresh, sophisticated, warm and fun NextHome branding. Options are available for the NextHome logos and iconic design.

 Business Cards – Letterhead – Envelopes – Notecards 

Agent and Office Websites

pexels-miguel-á-padriñán-1591058A personalized website is necessary in real estate today. It is the online expression of your services, professionalism, presentation and properties. It is also a valuable resource of local information to help your clients make informed choices throughout the home buying or selling process. A website that truly shows you have the local knowledge clients are looking for, must also include the information they want. Lastly, with a majority of consumers turning to mobile devices for their search, a mobile compatible website is crucial.

We also know personalization and functionality is important to having the right website for your business. You want something that represents you, maintains your brand, and lets you implement the features right for your local market. Our website system is very easy-to-use and highly customizable. We have over 18 template designs to start with and modify, or you can create a new design that is just right for you. A large number of options, features and color combinations can be created on the fly.

Quality Leads – No Referral Fees

Portfolio-Leads-570x340Grow your business, increase market share and build your brand presence from our strategic advertising partnerships giving you increased online exposure. We are about providing you quality leads, not quantity, time-consuming leads. Even better we have NO referral fees.

Our leads are never forced to give us information during any of their search process, so when they do inquire, they are truly wanting to speak with you. This not only provides you leads that have a higher conversation rate, but also eliminates wasted time trying to figure out who is a viable lead, or someone who is just looking for fun.



The one consistent factor that makes a difference in the success of all agents in any office environment is what the broker, company and culture have to offer.

Let’s face it, you are out in the field everyday working on the front lines, helping clients dodge issues, meeting contractual deadlines, juggling a number of nuances in the transaction all while prospecting, marketing and building your business. You need a company who’s systems work, are well integrated and support you seamlessly throughout your busy day

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Our advantages are many, but let’s focus on the cost comparison of how much we can save you each year. Click the view chart link and see how the savings add up!

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Member Services team available to assist with anything you need. Yep, real people on the other end of the line who will help fix issues, solve problems, direct you to resources and follow up to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it.



A support team, on-demand videos, webinars and live events provides growth and development when you need it. We help you get set up, implement our products, maximize our tools, advance your skills, develop your business plan and make more money.

Team of industry leaders with an affinity to embrace progressive and creative ideas for the benefit of our members. We are committed to keeping you as the focal point and most valuable source for your clients.
  • Reduce Costs
  • Capitalize on Quality Leads
  • Increase Profit Margin
  • Grow Market Share
  • Implement Marketing 
  • Develop skills
  • Maximize Technology

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